Month: October 2017

How Policymakers Can Address Opioid Crisis

This guide from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA), was developed in response to numerous requests for guidance on best practices to end the opioid problem. The document includes concrete examples state policymakers can mirror to eliminate epidemic. Press Release Ending the Opioid Crisis: A Practical Guide for State Policymakers...

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Patient and Provider Resources from the CDC

The CDC released several patient-centered materials aimed at educating people about opioid use for acute pain. All materials are free and available for download. What You Need to Know outlines the differences in acute and chronic pain and what you need to know when prescribed opioids for acute pain management. Get the Facts Infographic highlights important information about acute pain management for common conditions and injuries. Know the Signs. Save a Life is a resource that identifies factors that can increase the risk of overdose and the steps to take to prevent overdose related death. Communicating with Patients is a new...

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Toolkit for Hospitals to Stem Opioid Epidemic

This toolkit, Stem the Tide: Addressing the Opioid Epidemic, is designed to provide guidance and resources to hospitals and health systems on how to work with patients, clinicians and communities to stem the opioid epidemic. The AHA developed this toolkit with input from a multidisciplinary team, including representatives from nursing, risk management, physician leadership, research and the AHA’s Section for Psychiatric and Substance Abuse Services and Committee on Clinical Leadership. The resource was also vetted by a broad array of stakeholders. Download...

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Subcutaneous Buprenorphine Injections

In her blog, focused on opioid addiction and its treatment with medication, Dr. Jana Burson discusses the potential benefits of CAM2038, a new preparation of buprenorphine that can be given in a subcutaneous injection weekly or monthly. If it works as well or better than sublingual buprenorphine, she believes it could be the solution to some difficult problems including, time commitments, diversion, travel challenges and others. Read Blog...

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