The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) released an online statistical resource today that for the first time provides county-level comparisons of hospitalization rates for substance use, including opioids, alcohol, stimulants and other drugs.

While statistics show that alcohol-related hospitalizations ranked first in most communities, opioids and stimulants ranked second or third for hospitalizations in nearly all of the more than 1,600 counties and two cities that provided data in the analysis.

“We believe AHRQ’s new resource will help communities better understand local challenges and support their efforts to formulate the most effective remedies to reduce substance abuse, including the opioid crisis,” said AHRQ Director Gopal Khanna, MBA. “These new statistics represent just one part of the agency’s strategy to expand the use of data so that policymakers can tackle the challenges of both today and tomorrow.”


AHRQ Press Release Interactive Online Map – Trends in Opioid Related Hospitalizations