The State Epidemiological Overdose Workgroup (SEOW) is pleased to have Mr. Alex Asbun and Mr. Scott Proescholdbell presenting on prescription drug prescribing and overdose monitoring as a part of our Data Days series. Data Days are intended to share information about data sources available across the state to increase the use of data driven decision making and monitoring.

Mr. Asbun and Mr. Proescholdbell will be presenting December 13th from 10am to Noon at the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, 109 E Jones Street, Raleigh.

Alex Asbun, Drug Control Unit Manager, Division of Mental Health, will be presenting on the Controlled Substance Reporting System (CSRS), specifically prescribing trends, use of the CSRS by prescribers and dispensers, and CSRS policies and practices intended to reduce prescription medication misuse.

Scott Proescholdbell, Epidemiologist, Injury and Violence Prevention Branch, Chronic Disease and Injury Section, Division of Public Health will be presenting on the opioid crisis, specifically the latest overdose data and trends over time, and the state response to date including the NC Opioid Action Plan.

In person attendance is encouraged and preferred, but a webinar will be available for those at a distance (registration coming soon). Check back here at for updates.